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Kristin's interests and skills in photography began years ago when she started snapping photos at family parties and gatherings.  Her love for family, nature and The Bahamas shines through her photographs.  She made her debut in wedding photography back in 2012, when I asked her to assist me on a very long wedding shoot.  Her attention to detail is impeccable, her ability to disappear among a crowd and candidly capture special moments, simply perfect!  


Together we make a great team, a sister team in fact!  Yes, Kristin is my kid sister.  We have a very close personal relationship, we are best friends and that makes our working relationship that much more enjoyable and effective.  Our photography styles compliment and blend together so easily, you'd almost forget that there were two separate photographers... except that we are so fun loving that you'll surely remember us! ;)


Having Kristin as a second shooter enables us to capture not only the main plot of your story, but all of the sweet & subtle details, and special subplots as well.



Kristin Brown for Dede Brown Wedding Photography

Yep, another island gal, Kristin was born in Nassau, Bahamas on March 15, 1987.


Kristin attended York University in Ontario, Canada and has a degree in Environmental Studies.  


Kristin is a multi-potentialite; as well as being a photographer she has worked on three farms, at one yoga studio, she is an artist's assistant working with glass, metal, painting and sculpture and is also currently learning the family business; screen printing on fabrics.


She was on the Bahamas Women's National Soccer Team for several years and still plays pick-up games regularly


She has lived on the island of Eleuthera, twice!

Her favourite colour is teal

She loves cheese

She's a fabulous dancer

She makes the most amazing ricotta cheese bread

She also plays beach volley ball



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